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Blinkous is a really challenging arcade action game. You move really slowly, but luckily you have a super fast dash attack. You can dash to move around, avoid damage and inflict damage on enemies if you go through them. - Easy to learn and hard to master gameplay with only three buttons- Neverending action with endless waves of crushing enemies- Three different types of enemies that will work together to destroy you- Defeat enemies to increase your score. Aim for the highest!- Pixel art and chiptune music for a great retro experienceThe team:- Code and Design by Marcos Fuchter Discord: marcosfl#2299- Pixel art, Animation and Design by Gustavo Fernandes- Music and Sound Design by Isaac S. Johnson Discord: isaac.s.johnson#8274Any feedback is warmly welcomed and most appreciated. Feel free to contact us via Discord or anywhere else!Our unnamed team's submission for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam! Made in 48 hours.

A or left arrow - move leftD or right arrow - move rightS or down arrow - crouchCrouch while walking or crouch and then walk to dash. Dash to avoid damage, deal damage and move quicker.

Categoría: ACCION


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