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Commandos vs Zombies

You command an elite force of the army to defend against a Zombie invasion. The last stand takes place in the desert. At your disposal are rifle commandos, snipers and rocket commandos. Real time strategy war is fought in the sands. Careful placement of soldiers in strategic location is necessary to stop the invasion of the undead.FEATURES* 40 levels of nail-biting action* Lots of commandos to deploy* Real time strategy game play* Bonus: Collect the bonus coins to boost your troop numbersCONTROLS1. Select a commando on top2. Tap a location in the field to plant the commando to block the path of the zombiesFULL SCREENF for full screen. ESC to cancel full screenTOUCHSCREEN FRIENDLYPlayable on mobile too.SOURCE CODEComing soon. Bookmark this game now!How many levels can you go? Play Commandos vs Zombies today!

Select commando from the Panel on top.Click in the desert to plant the commando.

Categoría: Strategy


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