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Fidget it Pop it Now!

Pop all the cute rainbow fidgets or choose your favorite color to Pop!A Super fun and trendy method to help with stressful situations. Slide Screen to invert. Fidget Pop it Now! = 20 different Fidget to Pop. The objects in which to Pop: 1. Square 2. Circle 3. Rectangle 4. Pentagon 5. Triangle 6. Heart 7. Star 8. Paw Print 9. Puzzle Piece 10. Unicorn 11. Umbrella 12. Ice Cream 13. Cup Cake 14. Cloud 15. Car 16. Frog 17. Spaceship 18. Butterfly 19. Astronaut 20. Super Triangle The option to choose color value: 1. Rainbow 2. Yellow 3. Pink 4. Orange 5. Green 6. Red 7. Purple 8. Blue The options of Sound: Pop it Sound Piano Key Sound Instrumental music Sound Great for using as a coping skill to help minimize and deal with stressful situations!

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