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Helicopters vs Tanks

Your city is being invaded by enemy tanks. Your mission is to lead a squadron of attack helicopters to repel the tanks before they reach the city. Every successful shoot earns you coins. Every 15 seconds you also get bonus coins. Use these coins to arm the rockets and fire them. The rockets are equipped with tank buster missiles. You need to hurry before they get to the cities. Otherwise it will be game over!FEATURES*** 40 fun packed levels*** Super easy to play - just tap at the tanks to target them*** Multiple missile fireCONTROLSClick at the tanks to target and fire rockets.FULL SCREENF for full screen. ESC to cancel full screenTOUCHSCREEN FRIENDLYPlayable on mobile too.SOURCE CODEComing soon. Bookmark this game!

Click at the tanks to target and fire rockets

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