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Meteor Smash

Meteor Smash is a explosively addictive arcade game. Use your finger to touch and drag brown meteors to crash into enemy territory, but avoid hitting your own country!Play survival mode to earn high scores. Earn gold from playing the game, and use that gold to buy awesome new meteors from the Shop. These special meteors will help you to earn even higher scores!Features:♦ Cool, personalized meteor graphics♦ Easy-to-learn gameplay, but takes skill to master♦ High scores to challenge your friends♦ New, awesome meteors to unlock...■ Blue meteor: freezes all meteors on the screen!■ Purple meteor: allows you to control the rotation of Earth!■ Pink meteor: restores health so you can keep the explosions going!■ Gold meteor: gives extra points!■ Red meteor: set other meteors on fire, making them even more explosive!Become the ultimate weapon of mass destruction with Meteor Smash!

Mouse or Touch Drag meteors toward Earth

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