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Ray the Spider

Ray the Spider is a 2D platformer. Its a simple platformer. This is my first game that i've made with Construct 2. In this game, you play as spider, who is a sailor. Ray's mission is to get the Legendary Diamond back from evil criminal Ant organization called "Red Ants". This Diamond belongs to Queen Spider and Ray is gonna help the Queen to get the Diamond back.It's a short game though. It has about 6 levels to go through. Ray's ability is to shoot "Poison Bullets". It's like a Mario, when he has a Fire Flower power-up. In this game, player cannot jump on enemies. They need to be defeated with Poison Bullets. Anyway, here's Ray the Spider!

Use "Left" and "Right" arrows to move and "Up" arrow to jump.Use "Space" to shoot Poison Bullets.Use your mouse to "Click" in a Title Screen.

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