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Skyward Descent

Face an onslaught of strange murderous creatures; equipped with a gun and a jetpack that burns enemies below!GameplayFace waves of enemies using your gun to shoot in 8 directions, and your jetpack to both maneuver into position and deal extra damage using it's flame. Each wave contains a small number of enemies. Once they are disposed, you are given a random selection of items to choose from.HP-wise you have 2 health bars. In the top left is your main health bar. You can only take a couple of hits at once (at which point you will plummet to your death ) but you easily regenerate your hp. If you are one hit away from death a skull icon will appear above your head to indicate this.The other hp bar is the floor. Each time you get hit, the floor will shrink a little.CreditsDeveloped by Brandon JS Lea and logo by U-GameZ

WASD Movement and jetpackArrow Keys Shoot and aimEnter Pause and select

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