Descripción del Juego

Tanks Battle Field

The battleground of tanks offers two game modes: "Capture the Flag" and "Deadly Duel". In Capture the Flag mode, your team must capture the opponent's flag and return to their own flag. In the "Deadly Duel" your team must destroy all enemy forces. There are several missions and maps available. Each mission has its own challenges, you will have to face certain types and number of enemies, you have to score a victory score in a given time, you have to manage the given team points wisely and collect the right team for each mission. Some missions require fast tanks, others require powerful tanks, others require maximum team size, others require duplication of certain roles. Determine your strategy in each mission, using your team points to select your team members and assign their roles. You will complete the mission when your team scores a winning score and the next mission will be opened with other challenges.

Categoría: Strategy


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