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Tavern Halloween Monsters

Halloween arcade about the demon cook and his hard work. Feed all monsters! Our tavern is again open for fantastic creatures, monsters and maniacs. This night, there dawns a demon of newcomers. Help the young cook learn new tricks of culinary art.Carefully collect the ingredients you like in each pot and send the finished dish to the guest. Do not allow hazardous ingredients to enter the boiler. Trying this dish monster will not pay, then, that delicacy for one, poison for another. For a perfectly cooked dish, the tavern will receive additional tips. This is not a simple game, it needs to know the mythology of Halloween and requires a quick reaction. Please carefully study the training section before starting the game. And you will succeed!In our tavern you can meet the following guests:- The Vampire- Frankenstein- Jason- a ghost- werewolf- doll- Zombies!

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