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Tsoro is based on an ancient board game which has been played for hundreds of years. Game play takes place on a wooden board with 10 holes destributed evenly across 2 rows. Before the game starts the player chooses a hole which will act as his bank. For each turn player picks seven coloured balls from the reservoir and drops them in successive holes/cells. Each drop earns the player points, with the most points earned on drops in the bank. The goal therefore is to drop as many balls in the bank as you can. What makes this tsoro a cut from its peers are star balls. For a pair of diffrent colored balls in the same cell player gets a red star. Likewise four balls of the same colour in the same cell/hole earns the player a stars ball. Each star ball carries out a unique function when droped in a cell, for example the blackstar will change the colour of each ball in a cell.

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