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Place chips on the table, and aim to win more chips. No special rules apply.

[left click] on the table if player one to place chips[right click] on the table if player two to place chipsClick again to increase chip value, and again to decrease the chip valueTo reset all chips placed on the table click on the other players chip(e.g. right click then left click on the same position, or vice versa)[left/right click] on the wheel, a random number will be displayedWinning places are shown by a star, if you are player 1 i.e. pink, left click on the relevant green boxes to collect your winning. If a value two chip wins, you will need to left click the relevant green box two times. Click the green boxes to account for each winning value 1 chip. If you are player 2 i.e. blue you will need to right click the green boxes when you win.Tip: to quickly increase the starting the balance you can right or left click on the green boxesTip: to make the game fair place an equal number of chips on the table as your opponent

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