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Ultimate NOOB

Ok so I have no experience in game level design or code, this is my very first project and from watching tutorials on youtube this is what I made with the limited time I have.My passion is to make games and hopefully someday I can continue to learn and create better levels and also learn how to code.With the help of construct 2 and a beginner with no coding experience I am quite happy of the result I have here.For you as the player, it doesn't require much of you to do.This very short game is to show off what I have learnt over a few days.Hope you can appreciate it as im sure you were all beginners once.Simply Move, collect coins, avoid the enemy, pass through the levels and reach the end.Thank you fir checking it out. Check out how I made it on my youtube channel

[FOR LEVELS 1 and 2]W - JUMPA - LEFTD - RIGHT [LEVEL 3]Arrow keys to move jump, left and right.

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